Top Dating Guide Books You Should Read in 2015!

Top Dating Guide Books You Should Read in 2015!
Maybe you think that looking for a dating guide means you are a dating loser. This is not true! In fact reading dating guides is a great way to boost your sagging ego and the wisdom from other players will shine the light for you. You will gain confidence to get your ex back or to start a new relationship soon.  The well written dating guides will get you into the exciting dating game and you will not be the loser any more!
One question is how to tell the best dating books from the rest ones? Luckily as an editor of a dating magazine, I have read almost all the dating book in the past few years and summerized into a list of the best dating books worth to read! You you can find the current best relationship guides on the market. Luckily you can download on Internet directly!
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  1. The Language of desire

  2. Obsession Phrases

  3. drama method

  4. Wrap him around your finger

  5. Become a guy magnet

  6. Magnetic Messaging

  7. Unlock her legs

  8. Make him desire you

  9. Capture his heart

  10. how to read a man

  11. Pull your ex back

  12. Top Women’s guide to understand men

  13. Text the romance back

  14. Text your ex back

  15. Manifestation miracle

  16. The tao of badass

Here is another interesting book teaching you a method for superior singing:

Superior Singing method

Here are 2 gift ideas for your girlfriend

1. my social book

2. top 10 blenders

Submitted by Marlena, magazine editor


  1. I have read many books about relationships and dating, among them “Drama method” and “Become a guy magnet” are the only 2 books I will give 5 starts. There’re some books I never heard of will read them some day…

  2. The tao of badass sucks! Don’t buy it.If you are a guy and looking for a really GOOD book you should read this book Unlock her legs.

  3. Tao of badass is not bad. This dating guide has helped me find my true love! This book has been popular for years…there must be a reason for it..

  4. What aout The Language of desire? I want to buy it anyone read it before???

  5. The Language of desire is nice but Obsession Phrases and Drama method are much better than TLOD because you can learn step by step. There’re examples to show you exactly how to do to attract your girlfriend/boyfriend.

  6. “My social book” this is a very interesting gift idea. You can make a facebook book for your partner or for yourself! My third social book will come next week!!! 😀

    Highly recommended. Everyone should try it…

  7. What is ‘mysocialbook’?

  8. Yes it’s very interesting. Mysocialbook will turn your facebook into an e-book.

  9. I’m searching for dating guides and happens to see “mysocialbook”. I have already had 5 books. They are real BOOKs not e-books or anything. A brilliant gift idea.

  10. I just read 2 of them. One is “Text your ex back”. It helped me get my ex back about 7 months ago. Then I read another book called “Text the romance back”. These 2 books are highly recommended.

  11. Text your ex back has been on market for maybe 10 years?? LOL I tried to find a free version but failed. I’m going to buy one.

  12. I bought Wrap him around your finger this morning and am reading it. It’s a very nice book! I’m going to buy all the books from the author!!! 🙂

  13. If you want real life tips. You can read , This book is truly a guide worth reading.

  14. The Language of desire has helped me decode the most complex and subtle dating language. I love it very much. xoxo – Yer

  15. Text the romance back issued me fearlessness to date again and to date all the more effectively.


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